Friday, April 9, 2010

Its Now or Never

C'mon Blueshirts. It doesn't matter what you did until this point. It doesn't matter how many sloppy, un-inspired winter nights you spent losing to Boston, Buffalo, Montreal. It doesn't matter how many times you left your goalie out to dry. You lost the footrace to the puck. You missed your hit, whiffed on the one timer or let the puck hop over your stick at the point on the power play. It doesn't matter if you lost in the Olympics or lost Elisha Cuthbert. All that matters is tonight. Win tonight, stay alive. Philly won't go down without a battle. But New York's fate is in New York's hands. So remember, you play for the team that brought hockey to the big city. On the floor of Willis Reed. On the rink that belonged to Richter, Graves, Leetch and Captain Mark Messier.. What would they do? Would they let Philadelphia come into their house and go home happy?

Let's Go Rangers!

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