Monday, April 12, 2010

What he said...

Nothing I can say that hasn't been said already.
Classic Rangers.
Where were the millionaire forwards that make up the highest payroll in the sport?
Over 65 minutes of non-shootout hockey, our only goal was from Jody Shelley.

After the buzzer as MSG flashed the goalie stats, Sid turned to me and said, in reference to Lundqvist "This guy's gonna demand a trade!"

Not literally, of course, but Sid's point is well taken. How many times can you exhaust yourself for a team that doesn't take care of things on their end? Could you imagine if Henrik played for Philly or heaven forbid Washington or Chicago? Could you imagine how solid that team would be? Hank even admitted how wiped he was by the time the shootout came along and he wasn't his best on those three shooters.

But again our only SHOOTOUT goal came from a rookie AHL call-up. Where was Gaborik? Where was Drury? Since coach Torts didn't explain himself after the game I can only speculate that he was "saving" Gaborik for a sudden death 4th round. Which never happened.

Kind of like the Rangers presence in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Stanley Cup is the greatest tournament in sports. The multiple overtime thrillers. The incredible goaltending and clutch goal scoring. The late game face-offs . The game sevens. Think Ovechkin's not excited to light it up in Montreal? The Devils and Flyers won't grind each other into dust? Ryan Miller isn't ready to snare a few Chara blasts from the blueline? Sidney and Geno aren't ready to skate with Alfie and Spezz? Can the young Avalanche trip up the veteran Sharks? Can the Predators pull-off another Music City Miracle against the balanced Chicago attack? Can Jonathan Quick and his Kings out-duel the stacked Vancouver Canucks and their gold-medal goalie? Will the battle-tested Red Wings survive a spring trip into the desert? And will a run by the Coyotes save their franchise?

The Rangers have no place in this discussion. Even if they had snuck in, it may have been for the right to get steamrolled by the Capitals. But you have to be in it to win it. And New York didn't even qualify to have a chance.

Fire Sather.


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  2. I don't question Tort's decision not to use Gaborik. He is bad in shootouts. Always has been. Using Gaborik might have been the "safe" choice, given that he is the team's best forward, but he would not have given the Rangers the best chance to win.